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5 Reasons Radio Advertising Still Works

Have you considered making your mark through old school methods?

As a business owner, you have a sea of choices when it comes to advertising.  There’s social media like Twitter and Facebook, streaming music sites like iHeart, Pandora and Spotify, newspapers; both daily and smaller weeklies, and Television (including local broadcast stations and cable too). And then there’s radio. It might not be as cutting edge as Snapchat or the latest app but there is a very good reason radio advertising has been around so long… Radio Works!  According to Nielsen Research, over 90% of Americans listen to radio each week.

For almost 100 years Radio has been a trusted source for breaking news, weather & traffic reports, entertainment updates and play by play sporting events too. The wacky morning show crew entertains us as we sit in traffic on our way to work and the mid-day DJ plays our favorite songs to make the work day fly by. We have radios in our cars, homes, offices and even on our smart phones. Radio is everywhere!  Not only is it extremely cost efficient but radio also has a short lead time so it’s easy to change your commercial or start up with little notice. 

Five great reasons why radio advertising still works:

1.    Radio is Live & Local: This is one of radios most powerful attributes. Radio reflects the personality of the cities and towns it broadcasts to. Stock reports in New York or crop reports in Des Moines– rock to rap and country to classical – radio stations are tuned in with the local market they serve.  Many times, listeners connect with their favorite DJ on a personal level and think of them as a trusted friend. This is a great benefit that is unique to radio and is great way to reach your potential consumers.

2.    Radio Is Highly Targeted: Regardless of your target demographic, there’s a radio format for you. If you are looking for a female audience, a Hot Adult Contemporary station might be prefect. Targeting men? Most likely a Classic Rock or Sports station would work. Are you interested in an older demographic? Try a Classic Hits or New-Talk station. Looking to skew younger? A Top-40 station sounds perfect to reach a younger audience.

3.    Radio is Creative: Radio ads can be as creative as you are. Radio is said to be the theater of the mind so don’t be afraid to have some fun. Of course, you can be serious too but remember to stand out and be noticed.  If you want added impact try using a catchy jingle to build your brand. Who hasn’t heard the catchy Kit Kat “Gimmie a break” jingle and then had it stuck in their head for the rest of the day?

4.    Radio is Affordable: Radio is still cost efficient advertising medium – especially when you factor in the potential added value opportunities that you can negotiate for like bonus spots, sponsorships, etc. This is where a having an advertising agency planning and placing your radio buy can be very helpful.

5.    Radio Works: When radio advertising is done correctly utilizing the right station(s), dayparts, creative and spot length IT WORKS!  

So, the next time you are reviewing your marketing plan consider radio and put its power to work for you!

Let Blue Anchor Advertising help create the perfect radio marketing plan and watch your business grow.

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